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The Cobrinha Online Training System revolutionizes your Brazilian Jiujitsu training, helping ordinary people to become extraordinary athletes.
By following our comprehensive training programs and curriculum, you can enhance your skills and techniques at your own pace. With a wealth of engaging and actionable resources, the Cobrinha Online Training System will optimise your training time and performance.

A subscription to Cobrinha Online opens up an endless resource of training and instructional videos for every level and ability. It's a subscription to an international community. Brazilian Jiujitsu is more than a sport, it's a philosophy - one which is embodied by every passionate participant.


Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) is a martial art which begins with self-control and strength. It focuses on the principles of leverage to resolve conflict through techniques and submission holds.

BJJ is not about the biggest and the baddest - it's about self-defense, control and discipline. It's increasing popularity as the keystone of a healthy, active lifestyle has seen it establish itself as a foundation in training for nearly every martial artist worldwide.


Guided by 8-time world champion, Cobrinha, you can navigate your way through the complexities and techniques of BJJ with ease.

Real-time Progression System

A personalised training schedule and progress chart instantly provides relevant information to fit individual training programs.

Specific Immersion Training

This slowing-down technique is utilised by a wide-range of professionals, from tennisplayers to musicians. It's intensity and effectiveness at developing muscle memory means just 20 minutes at this level equates to an hour of fast training.

Game Plan Training

Every match has a series of moves which can take you to the dominant position. With the aid of a tree-diagram, you'll learn to choose your path based on your opponents moves.


  • “Fabbio Gurgel spent 15 days learning new techniques and training with Cobrinha in Los Angeles in January 2013 in preparation for his Superfight at ADCC this year. Fabio Gurgel is regarded as one of the top coaches in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The head instructor and leader of Team Alliance at the Sao Paulo head quarters, Fabio Gurgel was also one of the best jiu jitsu competitors of his generation with many important titles to his name, such as World Champion, Brazilian National champion and European Open champion. In 2010 Fabio Gurgel put his name on the BJJ record book when he competed and won the European Open, one of the top events in the jiu jitsu calender, at the age of 40, just a few months after he celebrated his 20th year as a jiu jitsu black belt.”

    - Fabio Gurgel, Head Instructor and Lead of Team Alliance

  • "Leo Nogueira: Leonardo Nogueira is one of the many aces from Alliance’s Jiu Jitsu camp. A BJJ black belt under Fabio Gurgel, Mr Leo Nogueira has an extensive competitive record with many important trophies on his cabinet, his first big mark in the black belt division came as he won a gold medal at the Brazilian Nationals in the open weight division (2011), he has since won gold in the most prestigious of jiu jitsu events, the World BJJ Championships (2011 & 2012)."

  • "Gabi Garcia: Gabrielle Garcia (aka Gabi Garcia or Gabis) is a Jiu Jitsu prodigy in the women’s division, having won almost every important trophy there was to win before even receiving her black belt. The “Gaúcha” (person from a southern region of Brazil) has since reached the degree of black belt under the illustrious “General” Fábio Gurgel, becoming one of the brightest stars in a Alliance BJJ camp, a camp that is already a constellation of jiu jitsu starts on it’s own."

  • "Romero Cavalcanti" Jacare" :Romero Cavalcanti (born October 22, 1952), nicknamed Jacaré, is a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the founder-head coach of the prestigious Alliance Jiu-Jitsu Team. He is one of the six people (most commonly known as the "Famous Five") to have been promoted to Black Belt by the famous Rolls Gracie prior to his death in a hang gliding accident.[1][2] Romero has coached many of today's top Black belt competitors and black belt coaches and was a significant influence on the US Army Combatives Program in Atlanta."







The Cobrinha Online Training System White Belt Currictulum comprises two programs: White Belt Fundamentals and White Belt Advanced.



The Cobrinha Online Training System Blue Belt Curriculum is currently under development and is expected to be launch in Summer 2013.



The Cobrinha Online Training System Purple Belt Curriculum is currently under devetlopment and is expected to be launch in [Fall?] 2013.