When you are in a situation where you want to stop your opponent to keep moving, you will hold your opponent’s pants to slow him down, put the De la Riva hook and grab the collar. Avoiding a leg drag, hook one leg and when the opponent tries to leg drag you will switch the hook the other leg then pull him over to one side, circle your leg. When your opponent pushes you back he will put his knees on the floor and try to smash your lags. Before he smashes your legs you leave the pants and come up on your elbow and move back to create a space. Your elbow have to be outside of your knee but close to your knee to protect you in case your opponent tries to jump to a triangle or armbar. When you move back you need to keep holding the collar to control your opponent. When your
opponent starts walking to one side to try to pass and you will follow him until you find the time to go to the ankle pick, your opponent will escape by stepping back and you go to the other ankle and take him down. Once you takedown your opponent, you can establish the side control.

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