Grip the pants, get the De La Riva hook, and grab the collar. Hide your other foot to prevent the leg drag. Pull your opponent over you and push them to the side. Hook both feet under your opponents extended leg. Your opponent will push back and smash your legs to avoid being picked up again. Keep the frame by maintaining the collar grip. Let go of the pant grip. When you attempt to come up on your elbow, your opponent will put pressure forward. Go for the choke.

If your opponent allows you to grab, pull them. When they pull back, open your knee and complete the choke. Or if your opponent attempts to jump to the back door, open your knee and complete the choke.

If your opponent pulls away as you try to grab the collar, come up on your elbow. Be sure to connect your arm to your leg to prevent a flying triangle. If your opponent breaks your grip, maintain your position. If they push your leg, favor one side and make your grips when they grab you. Make your hooks one at a time to keep a tight guard.

Maintain the grip of your opponents collar and break their posture. When they try to posture up, come up with the ankle pick. Run the pipe and keep pulling your opponent towards you. Shove their leg in between your legs and drop your knee next to their hip. Adjust your grip of the collar if it is too shallow. Use your arm to put pressure on the neck. Grab your opponents sleeve. When your opponent attempts to come up, grab across their neck and complete the cross choke.

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