Your opponent has the lasso with their other foot on the hip. Protect your arm by grabbing the inside pant grip of the leg on your hip. Grab your opponent’s belt with the arm that is being lasso’d. To get rid of the foot on your hip, step back and step back in. Push the leg away to bother your opponent. While your opponent is distracted trying to regain their hook, initiate the lasso pass. Walk toward the lasso, shift your hips and push from your toes. Make sure everything is tight to prevent the triangle. Stack your opponent. When they open their leg to recover their guard, toreando them. Immediately land your head on their shoulder, let go of the pant grip and try to isolate their hips. When your opponent turns, grab their collar and post your other hand on the mat and place your knee on their hip. Pull your opponent and as they turn away, slide the bottom hook in. Pull them back to you, get the seatbelt and lock your leg over their hip. Position your head next to their head, bridge and insert the top hook. You have secured the back.

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