When your opponent is able to knee slide, frame by putting your hands on the biceps and shoulder. The first option is to shrimp out and shrimp back in. When your opponent turns and applies more pressure, shrimp out one more time, put your foot on the hip and shrimp back in to recover your guard. For this technique, as soon as you shrimp out, your opponent will follow you. The arm that was on your opponents shoulder will get the underhook. Your opponent will react by getting on his knees. Grab your opponents leg by placing the arm that was on their biceps between the legs palm up while your outside arm clasps your other hand palm down. Scissor your legs and come to your knees. Pull your opponent in. To recover your guard, grab the knee with your inside arm while grabbing around your opponents waist with your outside arm. Post the hand that was grabbing the knee on the mat, place your hook on the inside of your opponents knee, and pull your opponent in. You have safely recovered the butterfly guard.

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