Butterfly Guard Recovery

Let’s put the drills together. I’m playing guard and Kennedy almost passes my guard. I want to hip out and hip in, but I won’t be able to.

Kennedy will do the torreando pass and drop his knees. He almost has side control. I need to frame the shoulder and bicep. Now I’m going to shrimp out, but he’s going to put a lot of pressure.

Take a look at what I’m going to do with my right arm. I want to keep my right hand on his bicep the whole time because I’m going to duck my head in. As he puts more pressure, I duck. If I let go of both, Kennedy will cross face and I can’t recover anymore. If I keep the frame, I can duck my head and grab both of his knees. Why am I grabbing his knees? To make sure he can’t spin over my head. Now I’m going to scissor my legs, the same way we did in the past drill. Push up, but do not let go of the knees. Now come up on my elbows. Next, my left hand goes around his waist. Now post your hand on the ground and sit back. Now I have the butterfly guard recovery.

Let’s take a look again.

Focus on keeping the frame on the bicep. If we let go of the bicep and forget to duck our head, they will club. They will have the cross face and we can’t duck our head. Duck your head first, then grab the pants.

Kennedy will torreando and get in side control. Immediately, frame the shoulder and bicep. I want to shrimp out and shrimp in. Kennedy is going to put more pressure and he will be too close for me to shrimp out and shrimp in.

Duck my head in, kind of like getting the underhook but grab the knee. Since my head is in, I can grab the other side. Now I scissor my legs and come up. I’m on my knees and keep holding his knees for a second. Then grab around his waist, post my hand on the mat. Now it’s easy. I put my foot on the ground, scoot in and sit back and retain my guard.

Let’s take a look again.

I’m playing guard and Kennedy does the torreando. Immediately frame the shoulder and bicep. I try to shrimp out but he will follow me and put more pressure. I’m going to let go of the shoulder and get the underhook. Grab the knee. Once I get the knee, I can come up on my other elbow and grab the other knee. Now I can scissor my legs, come up on my knees, grab around his waist, and post my hand on the mat. My head is always on the outside. Never keep my head on the inside because if he applies pressure, I’m going to hurt my neck. It doesn’t matter how heavy he is. I’m going to step, and scoot in. This doesnt require flexibility. I move with him and then scoot in.

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