Your opponent attempts to get side control. Frame the shoulder and biceps. When you attempt to shrimp out, your opponent will put more pressure. When you feel you can’t recover, grab around your opponents waist. Immediately scissor your legs to prevent getting caught in a triangle or omoplata. Push forward to off balance your opponent. If your opponent tries to step forward to attempt an omoplata, shrimp back so your opponent won’t have the correct angle and then shrimp in. When you attempt the butterfly sweep, your opponent will post their hand on the mat. Keep your grips and focus on the hooks. Pull your opponent in and as you lower your opponent, switch your hooks. Put your foot on the mat and shrimp back until your opponent lands in your lap. Keep the grip on your opponents sleeve. Use your other hand to get the seatbelt and then insert the top hook. To shift your opponent to the other side, step on their hip with your top leg, lower your opponent, and roll to the other side. Reinsert the hook and end with your head next to their head.

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