From the butterfly guard, grab over your opponents shoulders, pull them to you and push them back. Create the frame with the blade of your wrist across your oppponents neck. Post your free arm on the mat and move to the side. If your opponent is applying a lot of pressure, take off for a second while maintain the arm across their neck. Move back in, get the underhook, grab your opponents wrist, scoot in again and try to sweep your opponent. Your opponent will post their foot and apply the whizzer to prevent getting their back taken. Release your underhook and grab across your opponents shoulder. Push your opponent in the opposite direction and underhook their leg. Let go of the shoulder and grab behind the triceps. Get the X-guard. Push with your legs to come up on your elbow. Fully extend your arm by posting your leg on the mat. Maintain the hook with your bottom leg so that your can recompose your X-guard if your opponent pushes back. Do a technical stand up, walk toward your opponents posted leg, pick the ankle and take your opponent down. Keep one of your legs in between you opponents legs (to protect your arms from traingle attacks) and get double unders. Clasp your hands palm up and palm down. Drop your knee to the mat. Finish the technique by pulling your opponents hips to your lap.

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