Clear the foot on your bicep. Grab the pants and push down to break the grip. Walk back and when your opponent tries to spin upside down, club. Step the leg over. As soon as you get the club, clear your other hand to the outside of the leg. Although you are applying a lot of pressure, your opponent can frame and step their leg over your head. Grab their bottom shin and release your head by slightly walking back and ducking your head. Walk toward the hip. At the same time, your opponent will shrimp out and try to recover their guard with their top leg. Move toward their head and your opponent will follow you with their leg. Trap the top leg between your legs. Your opponent still has a strong frame, so release the hand that was grabbing the bottom leg and grab the back while switching your head to the other side. This will nullify the leverage of your opponents frame. When your opponent pushes you, use your top leg to hook your opponents top leg, pull their arm in to you, and walk to the back door. Keep the arm to prevent your opponent from turning away. Grab around the neck, isolate the hip with your arm, square your hips, and establish side control.

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