From the Double Unders position begin by controlling both of your opponents sleeve’s and scooting your hips out to create space between you and your opponent. Release one of your grips and underhook your opponents arm. Then take your other arm and use it as a frame against your opponents face. Use the frame to push your opponents head away and step your leg over the head. Make a palm up -palm down grip with your hands and extend your legs as you pull their arm to you. Finish the shoulder lock by putting your foot on the hips and turning into your opponent.

If your opponent defends the shoulder lock by driving into you switch to the triangle. First swing your top leg back to the other side as you bring their arm across. Then grab your shin and lock your legs in the triangle. Finish either by grabbing palm up – palm down over your leg and opponents head or by bringing both of your hands to the pack of your opponents head.

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