When your opponent gets the double unders, immediately grab under you opponents arm. If they grab very tight, slightly open your legs to create enough space to insert your arm. In this position, even a strong opponent will be unable to stack you. Every time they try to stack, extend your leg. Put your foot on the mat and shrimp out until you can insert your knee under your opponents stomach. This acts to isolate their leg and prevent them from jumping over. Use the momentum to come up and grab around your opponents waist. Post your other hand on the mat. Release your leg while bringing your opponents trapped arm with you. Get the seatbelt, shift your hips, put the top hook while keeping your opponents arm, and then insert the final hook. Even if your opponent releases their arm, you will still have the back.
If your opponent releases their arm, grab your shin and lock up the triangle. You have the option to finish by pulling on the head or by grabbing your shin, palm up and palm down, and squeeze.

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