To escape the back, look into your opponents arm and at the same time grab the sleeve and the triceps. Cross your opponents arm across your chest. Look into the elbow and put your back on the mat. Take your time as you shift your hips and square them with the ceiling. If you have trouble releasing your opponents hook, extend your leg and pull your leg back to your chest. Put your foot on the mat and shrimp out to put your back flat on the mat. Once your back is on the mat, hook your leg around your opponents remaining hook. When your opponent attempts to come up, release the hand that was grabbing the sleeve and place it on your opponents far shoulder. Now you may let go of the triceps and place it on your opponents biceps to create the frame.
Shrimp out and place your foot on your opponents hip. Grab your opponents elbows and shrimp back in. For self defense, keep a hold of the elbows to prevent your opponent from punching you. For jiu jitsu, put your opponent in your closed guard.

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