From the closed guard, hold your opponents sleeve and opposite side pant leg. As you attempt the flower sweep, your opponent will counter by posting their hand on the mat. Let go of the sleeve you were holding and grab your opponents other sleeve. At the same time, come up by bringing your left foot up, posting your right foot and hold your opponents waist. Your opponent will attempt to release their arm, but they will be unable to because you have isolated their arm. As you try to sweep the bottom leg and go to the mount, your opponent will step over your leg. Hook their leg, shrimp out, and drag your opponent using the arm that is around their waist. Release the hand that was holding the sleeve, make a fist and place it on your opponents chest. The other hand goes on top to secure the seat belt. When your opponent brings their knee to their chest, lock your leg over the hip, bridge, place the second hook, and then put your head next to your opponents head to secure the back.

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