Headlock Defense to Arm Bar. Isolate your opponents arm. Then look into their ribs. Hold their wrist. (If your opponent tries to punch you, hold their biceps and then isolate the arm to prevent being punched.) When your opponent takes you down, shrimp out. Hide your elbow, grab their triceps, move your legs back, and come up to your knees. Post your hand on the mat and straighten your arm. The more pressure your opponent uses, the easier it will be to come up. As your opponent puts pressure down, switch direction and flip them over.
To mount, place your right knee on the hip, push your opponents knee down, step your leg over and get into mount. To release the headlock, place the bone of your wrist under your opponents ear and place your other arm on top of your hand. Put pressure down while looking up to the ceiling to break their grip. Bump your shoulder forward and grab your opponents arm. Push your opponents chin down and then post your hand on the ground. Place your knee behind your opponents head. Lean forward and then step your leg over their head. Pinch your knees together and hold the wrist first. Then clap their hand, raise your hips and finish with an arm bar.

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