When your opponent has the lasso, first clear the foot on your hip. Walk toward the lasso. Clear the lasso and stack your opponent. Squeeze your knees against your opponents ribs so that they can’t push you back. You would like to grab their shin, leg drag, grab the shoulder and pass, but as you try to establish side control your opponent turns into you. Immediately isolate the hip with your elbow and grab their elbow. If you don’t have enough space, move back a little to create the space to place your hand under their triceps and bring your heel toward your butt. As soon as you break their grip, grab around their shoulder and establish side control. Be sure to keep the knee that is next to your opponents head off the mat to create more pressure. When you grab your opponents arm, lean forward and pull them back, your opponent may shrimp out. This will make it difficult to armbar. As your opponent shrimps out, step your leg over and make it heavy on your opponents neck to prevent them from coming up. Release your bottom leg and lock your legs together. If your opponents arm is free, finish with a straight armbar. In this case, your opponent is grabbing around your back. Come up on your elbow. Cup your opponents elbow. Twist your opponents elbow up several times. Use your bottom heel to shrimp out and square up with your opponent. Finish with a shoulder lock.

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