When your opponent has the lasso, first clear the foot on your hip. Walk toward the lasso. Clear the lasso and stack your opponent. Squeeze your knees against your opponents ribs so that they can’t push you back. You would like to grab their shin, push their leg across, grab the shoulder and pass, but as you try to establish side control your opponent turns into you. Immediately isolate the hip with your elbow and grab their elbow. If you have difficulty breaking their grip, place your hand under their triceps and bring your heel toward your butt. As soon as you break their grip, grab around their shoulder and establish side control. Put pressure forward and put your right knee behind your opponents back. When your opponent tries to shrimp out, grab their arm. Push them forward, place your left knee under their head, pull them back, and force their arm to their chest. Step your leg over their head, grab your shin, and post your arm and elbow on the mat. Place your shin on your opponents face and finish with a straight armbar.

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