Your opponent has the lasso and spider hook. Grab the belt with the hand that is lassoed. If your opponents spider hooked leg is bent, slightly walk back, circle your hand around the leg, and bring your knee in while twisting your hips to clear the hook. If you have difficulty clearing the hook, use your other knee to break the hook. Once you clear the hook, grab the pant leg. Walk to the side of the lasso, scoop your arm and clear the leg. You would like to stack your opponent, but you are unable to. Isolate their hip by placing your knee on the hip. This will reduce your opponents mobility. Cup your opponents shin with your free hand. If your opponent shrimps out, grab around the neck while maintaining the grip of the shin. By cupping the shin and pushing it toward your opponents butt, you will reduce the mobility of that leg. Apply shoulder pressure, walk toward the head, isolate the hip with your hand, square your hips and establish side control.

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