Cobrinha will Leg Drag his opponent, and his opponent will throw his other leg over trying to counterattack the leg drag. When he throws his leg over Cobrinha will do the thigh drag and drop the other knee on the floor blocking his opponent’s bottom leg. For the thigh drag, Cobrinha likes to twist the leg and drop the opponent’s leg to his biceps. This way his opponent can’t throw the leg back and triangle you. After he controls his opponent, he walks to the side to get in side control and hold one lapel and pull toward you. Your opponent will try to turn out and that is when you slide the bottom hook. When Cobrinha tries to pull his opponent over him, his opponent will roll one more time to try to escape. Cobrinha will follow him and put the seat belt. If you can’t put the other hook, you can lock over the hip and bridge and put the top hook.

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