Begin to attack your opponent from the Mount position by inserting your hand deep in the collar and pushing their arm across as you slide yourself up and to the side. When your opponent turns into you attack with the Cross Choke by grabbing the material behind the shoulders with a palm down grip. As you try to finish your opponent if they roll you and come to the top finish the choke by scooting your hips out, then lock your guard and squeeze for the tap.

If your opponent pushes on your arm to defend the choke look to sweep them back to mount. First scoot your hips out and insert the Butterfly hook and bring your knee to you placing your foot in front of their knee. Sweep your opponent to Mount by using your hook as you kick the knee back. Once you establish mount squeeze for the finish.

If your opponent blocks the Butterfly sweep by posting their hand on the mat pull your opponent towards you with your hook and finish the Cross Choke from Butterfly.

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