From Spider Guard break one of your opponents grips and transition to De La Riva. Switch your grip from the far sleeve to the collar on the same side you control your opponents sleeve then put your foot on your opponents hip. Lock up the Omoplata and control your opponents near pant leg. If your opponent puts their knee on the mat extend your legs and sit up and grab around the waist. When your opponent stacks you and you can’t make them fall, open their far lapel and pass the lapel to your other hand, use your free hand to grab your opponents shoulder and then pass the lapel to that hand. Use your free hand to control your opponents sleeve and finish your opponent with the Omoplata Crucifix by scooting your hips as you pull the lapel to you. If your opponent is to flexible to finish with the Omoplata Crucifix sit up and finish with the regular Omoplata.

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