From Spider Guard break your opponents grip and transition to De La Riva. Switch your grip from the far sleeve to the near collar and put your foot on the hip. Raise your hips and lock up the Omoplata. When your opponent puts their knee on your stomach control their pants and scoot your hips out to break their posture. Sit up and extend your legs as you grab around your opponents back and open the far lapel and feed it to your inside hand. If your opponent tries to counter the Omoplata by rolling, unlock your legs and use your toes on the mat to help you roll and follow them. Re-lock the Omoplata and control the far shoulder and feed the far lapel to your hand. Use your other hand to control your opponents sleeve and then scoot your hips out to finish your opponent. If your opponent doesn’t tap extend your legs to sit up and finish the Omoplata.

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