From Spider Guard transition to De La Riva by bringing your hips out and breaking your opponents grip so you can put in the De La Riva hook. Switch your grip from your opponents far arm to the near collar and put your foot on the hips. Push your opponent away with your legs and pull them to you with your grips to stretch them out attack the Omoplata by bringing your leg over the shoulder and triangling your legs. When your opponent postures up put your foot on the floor and scoot your hips out so you can grab the far pants leg. Circle your legs and pull your opponent towards you to sweep them. As you come to the top hide your elbow and post your hand on the mat so you can sit over your opponents chest. Step your leg over your opponents head and use your knee to bring it to you. Attack the shoulder lock by letting go of the collar and controlling the elbow as you bring your hips to the mat. If your opponent doesn’t tap release the elbow and bring your hips to the mat for the armbar.

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