From Spider Guard break your opponents grip and insert the De La Riva hook, then switch your grip from your opponents far sleeve to the near collar and put your foot on the hip to push them away. Raise your hips and release the De La Riva hook to lock up the Omoplata and grab the near pants leg. Unlock your legs and put your foot on the floor and scoot your hips until you can reach your opponents far pants leg. Sweep your opponent by extending your legs and rolling over. Once you sweep your opponent release the pants grip and post your hand on the mat to help you come up and switch your grip from their collar to the elbow. Swing your leg over their head and use your knee to pull the head towards you. Shift your hips towards the floor as you pull up on the elbow to finish the Monoplata if you can’t finish then release the elbow and keep shifting your hips to transition to the armbar.

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