Your opponent attempts the toreando pass and nearly gains side control. Frame by isolating the shoulder and biceps. As you shrimp out, your opponent will close the distance. Keep your hand on the biceps and grab around your opponents waist with your other arm. Use your leg as a pendulum to come up on your elbow. Let go of the biceps, scissor your legs, come up, move away from your opponent and insert your hook.

To sweep, grab the biceps and immediately scoot in. Push their elbow toward their ribs and lean to the side. As you attempt the sweep, your opponent will counter by posting their far side arm. Extend your hook to lower your opponent. Keep the grip of the belt as you shrimp back. When your opponent falls in your lap, release the grip of the belt and make a fist and secure the seatbelt over their chest. Position your head next to their head and insert the top hook. To shift your opponent to the other side, step on their hip, squeeze your knees, and push them to the other side. Reinsert the hook when your opponent in midway. Position your head next to their head and you have secured the back.

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