When your opponent is in your closed guard and is giving you a hard time by locking their elbows to their thighs, holding both sleeves. Put your right foot on the mat, shrimp out, place your shin on their biceps. Next place your left foot on the mat, shrimp out, and place your shin on the biceps. Continue to grab the sleeve. Grab your opponents opposite side collar. Place your knee on your opponents chest to prevent them from applying a lot of pressure. As you lower your left leg to the mat, lower your right knee to your opponents hip. Pull your opponent over you to make it easier to sweep. If your opponent postures up, come up on your elbow, punch and sweep and mount.

To escape the mount, your opponent will frame on your hip, extend their leg, step over your leg, scoop it and place you in half guard. Your opponent will then frame on your shoulder and biceps, shrimp out, grab your elbow, place their foot on your hip, scoot in, and put you in their closed guard. Continue the scissor sweep to mount drill.

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