When you opponent is in your closed guard and has their elbows locked to their thighs, put your right foot on the mat while holding both sleeves. Shrimp away from your opponent to create space. Bring your shin to your opponents biceps. Square up with your opponent. Put your left foot on the mat and shrimp to the left. You have created the space to put your shin on their biceps. Grab your opponents opposite side collar. Place your knee on your opponents chest to prevent them from smashing you. Lower your left leg to the mat while pulling the arm (which will prevent your opponent from grabbing your leg and attempt to jump over). When you are ready to sweep, continue to pull on the arm and lower your knee from the chest to their hip. If your opponent stays in this position, punch and sweep to come up. If your opponent postures up, come up on your elbow, punch and sweep.

As you come up and post your foot on the mat, your opponent will frame by placing their hands on your hip and knee. Their bottom knee goes under your leg, they pinch their knees together. Your opponent will frame on the shoulder and biceps, shrimp out, and put the foot on the hip. They will grab the elbow with their knee on your shoulder to prevent being smashed. Your opponent will grab the other elbow, shrimp in, and put you in their closed guard. They will continue the drill by performing the scissor sweep.

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