From Side Control switch your hips and apply your shoulder pressure open your opponents gi and feed it over his elbow to your other hand. Return to side control and control your opponents hips with your free arm. Raise your knee and transition to Knee on Belly pointing your knee to your opponents shoulder.

For the first option establish the baseball bat grip, when your opponent blocks your knee open your elbow and slide your leg over the arm. Drop your shoulder onto your opponents chest so they can’t recover and walk to the head. Use your knee to control your opponents head as you squeeze to finish.

If your opponent defends the first option release the baseball bat grip and control your opponents hips. Then slide your knee over your opponents arm pinning it to the mat. Take your other leg and step on his arm so you can switch your hook. Release your grip on the hips and take the Baseball Bat grip again and finish like in the first technique.

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