From Side Control begin by switching your hips towards your opponents hips and applying shoulder pressure. Open your opponents lapel and trap their arm feeding the lapel to your other arm. Switch your hips back and control your opponents hip to begin attacking Knee on Belly. From here there are three options:

1)Baseball Bat Choke – Slide your Knee from your opponents belly onto their arm pinning it to the mat. Use your other leg to step on the trapped arm and switch the way you have your opponents arm trapped and bring your other leg back out into base. Make the Baseball Bat grip making sure you have your hands touching each other. Bring your knee that was controlling the arm behind your opponents head, step your leg out and switch your head as you connect your knee to their forehead. Use your knee to turn the head as you squeeze to finish the choke.

2)Reverse Ezekiel – If your opponent tries to defend by freeing his trapped arm switch to the Reverse Ezekiel. As your opponent tires to free the arm first pull the lapel tight to make it difficult than as they struggle to free the arm loosen the lapel and allow their arm out. As soon as his arm is free bring your arm into the space created and grab your own wrist. To finish pull your opponent towards you and squeeze like a traditional Ezekiel.

3) Wedgie Baseball Bat Choke – If your opponent stops you from feeding the outside lapel over their arm instead grab the inside one and feed it to your hand underhooking their head. Use your free hand to block your opponents hips as you bring your bottom knee behind your opponents head and then your top knee to your opponents forehead as you squeeze for the tap.

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