When in side control and your opponent is defending in the prayer position, grab over the shoulder. Put enough pressure to turn your opponent slightly to the side. Place your knee under your opponents back to prevent them from turning back. Place your other arm under your opponents arm. At the same time, position your chest behind your opponents back. Use the hand that was around the shoulder to grab the wrist. Get the kimura grip.

If your opponent shrimps out and then in, there will be a lot of pressure on your own arm. To avoid this, pull your opponents elbow to your chest. Now when your opponent shrimps, step your leg over your opponents head. If you lack flexibility, step your right knee up first and then step your other leg over your opponents head. If you are unable to finish, step your other leg over the chest. When doing the armbar with the kimura grip, lean toward the side, lay back, reinforce your grips and finish with a straight armbar.

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