You will start in the toreando to leg drag sequence and follow the thigh drag. To delay your opponent turn you can hold behind your opponent collar and put your head on your opponent shoulder to avoid him to turn and you will be able to let go the leg and hold the front collar. After that, you can complete the passing and put the knee on his hips. From there you have 2 option. 1st option, if your opponent turns out you can take his back. 2nd option, if he stays you can go to Ezekiel choke. You will try the Ezekiel choke but the opponent will roll trying to escape and you follow him and will put both hooks in. When your opponent stops you lock your legs in a reversal triangle and can have a few option in finish in arm bar, tradition arm bar or sit up and squeeze your legs and finish in reversal triangle. You can keep switching until your opponent taps.

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